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Hey yall! I’d like to let everyone know that I now have a new site (with a new forum, wiki, blog, and more)! Check it out:


Hey there!

Well, it’s been a while since my last update– nearly two and half months, in fact! Contrary to popular rumor, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth (not yet at least)– I’ve just been rather busy with development, work, and school and couldn’t find a moment to blog (sorry!). It’s been rather hectic lately trying to balance university, contract work, and all my open-source development. But hooray, I’m only a year and a half away from finishing my CS degree– after that, I’ll have to choose whether to join the land of the always-working or continue on and get my masters.

As far as Awesomium goes, here are the new updates: Mac OSX support (Intel OSX 10.5 only), true transparent rendering, fully-multithreaded rendering (with update throttling), tooltip notifications, various bugfixes, and much more. Thanks a lot to Jeff Rosen who hooked me up with a Mac– couldn’t have ported it without him.

Also, I’ve been working on a new cross-platform Flash offscreen-embedding library; the Windows port is mostly completed, working on the Mac OSX implementation right now. Like my previous library, Hikari, this library will ultimately allow developers to render Flash content (for use as a GUI or 3D texture) in a game or simulation. For example, one of my favorite kart-games around, ZeroGear, used Hikari for their GUI:

Awesomium (and eventually this new project) will continue to be free for non-commercial use however I am considering charging for commercial use. I’m working out the exact licensing and pricing details and will have more information later.

Oh, and, I’m putting together a new website to host all of my various software projects and activities. I’m really excited about this because it’s been really hard for everyone, including me, to keep track of all my sites, forums, blogs, and wikis over multiple servers– having a single one-stop site for all my projects and blog will be much easier to manage.

It pours.

Hey yall, if it seems like I’ve been a little disconnected the past few days it’s because I’m in the middle of mid-terms! I’ll be back to my normal capacity probably by next week.


P.S., Happy Early Halloween! Guess who’s going to go trick-or-treating. ­čśë

Well, we seemed to have survived Hurricane Ike.

Friday night, things were really quite calm: no rain, low wind, and a beautiful sunset. After all our preparations and anxiety, I was frankly a bit disappointed– and then, about 1:00 AM, sporadic gusts of winds began increasing in frequency and intensity. The winds continued swelling in their chaotic fury and by 2:30 AM, we had lost power. Huddled in our downstairs living room with flourescent lamps, blankets, and a radio, we tried to listen to the news over the howl of the wind.

The storm peaked around 5:00 AM– the sheer force of the wind was absolutely incredible: the rain was falling horizontal, large trees, some taller than our two-story house, were bending at 45 degree angles, the biggest gusts made the windows rattle and fences wail. I kept noticing large blue-green flashes across the sky, each one causing the dim glow of the clouds to fade recognizably– I later learned that these unearthly displays were fuses in the power lines igniting and expiring.

About four hours later, the worst of the storm was over. In the pale light of the morning, we could see the extent of the damage: leaves and shredded foliage covered the ground, large tree limbs, ripped from their source, lay broken in tumbled heaps, portions of our backyard fence had been torn and dismantled, shingles and other miscellaneous objects had been flung about the yard.

Nevertheless, we were quite grateful that the majority of our house had been spared from the storm’s malice. Others weren’t so lucky. Over the news, we heard that Galveston island, our favored vacation spot and where we had been only a few weeks prior for a quick respite, was submerged in water and had taken a heavy beating. Murdoch’s Pier, an ancient landmark as well as the gift shop where I had so recently purchased exotic shells and starfish to decorate my new apartment with, was now nothing more– it was raped, pillaged, destroyed.

A large majority of Southeast Texas, us included, were without power on Saturday. We had luckily put much of our perishables into a light freeze the day before and still had gas running to our stove and so we survived well enough. Late Saturday night, we had power restored– our area was part of the lucky few that had minimal damage to the lines; the majority of areas in Houston (and in Huntsville, where my apartment is) still lack power.

I’ve been spending the past few days helping with the cleanup– we’ve managed to cut, trim, and bundle a majority of the fallen tree limbs and destroyed fencing. We’re still waiting for the garbage crews to come to our area and haul the mess off our curb but I think we’re finally returning to a bit of normalcy.