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Here’s an overview of the major changes since v0.5:

  • Support for Flash plugins
  • Enhanced rendering performance on multi-core machines
  • Support for mouse-wheel input (WebView::injectMouseWheel)
  • The ability to grab the contents of the current page as plain text (WebView::getContentAsText)
  • Refactoring of callbacks to use WebViewListener instead


  1. Broken for me. void Awesomium::WebViewListener::onCallback(const std::string &,const Awesomium::JSArguments &)’ : is abstract

  2. A new abstract member function, ‘onCallback’, has been added to Awesomium::WebViewListener which means you’ll need to define the function in your inherited class.

    I’ll try to better advertise future API changes.

  3. Doh! Yes, of course – silly me. Great work. When will Google release Mac version? I see some Win32 code in your API – will that change to something more generic once Google release versions for other platforms?

  4. No idea when Google will release the Mac version but I read they’ve recently got basic page rendering working (interaction still needs work). You can read more/ask them yourself here:

    The Win32 code in the API (the keyboard input injection) will certainly change to something more generic/cross-platform when such a build is possible. The only reason its there right now is because Chromium’s Windows build accepts keyboard input best using real window messages.

  5. Been looking forward to giving your lib a go and today was the day, but so far all Iam getting out is white pixels with this very simple bit of test code.
    Awesomium::WebCore core;
    Awesomium::WebView *view = core.createWebView(640, 480);


    BMM_Color_24 *pixels = (BMM_Color_24 *)calloc(sizeof(BMM_Color_24), 640 * 480);

    view->render((unsigned char *)pixels, 640 * 3, 3);

    Am I missing something.

  6. Chris, are you just trying to render that one time? loadURL probably works asynchronously and eventually provides a callback to let you know when the page is loaded. Until the page is fully loaded it won’t be able to render properly, so it’ll just be white.

    That’s what I’m guessing anyhow.

  7. Is awesomium going to replace Hikari and navi? I’m using hikari now and have been reading about the flash ocx leak, etc. is this the solution to this problem?

  8. @codecollective–

    Technically, using Awesomium you could render Flash content in an embedded off-screen/3D context however it’s sorta like using a hammer to kill a fly.

    A better alternative, as I’ve described in earlier comments, would be to emulate the NPAPI embedding layer within Chromium to theoretically embed the NPAPI Flash plugin directly (instead of using the ActiveX plugin like Hikari uses now).

  9. There haven’t been any updates for a while – when can we expect another release Adam ?

  10. couldn’t build Awesominum from the svn, because it needed files like webkit/glue/cpp_bound_class.h
    and base/gfx/rect.h
    and because I don’t know what kind of library they are a part of, I can’t compile it. So I linked app with the SDK that you can download from

    I change the location for the lib file, so it was int the release folder. and I already had the 2 dll files that followed the in a map where they could be found, but because of the errors, I moved around them. I used release as the dll, and builded it with release, so no mix up, these are the errors

    error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol “__declspec(dllimport) public: void __thiscall Awesomium::WebView::zoomOut(void)” (__imp_?zoomOut@WebView@Awesomium@@QAEXXZ)
    2>main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol “__declspec(dllimport) public: void __thiscall Awesomium::WebView::zoomIn(void)” (__imp_?zoomIn@WebView@Awesomium@@QAEXXZ)

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