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Turns out my guess about what why the Flash plugins weren’t continuously rendering was right– I set up a repeating timer to intermittently do a Peek/Translate/Dispatch on the internal thread and suddenly everything was animating.

Mouse/keyboard input still was having issues and so I tried a lot of elaborate solutions to try and solve it– creating off-screen dummy windows, manually injecting window messages, etcetera. I eventually emulated Chrome’s existing input-handling routines for windowless plugins and got it working.

Windowed plugins still proved to be a major problem and I wrestled a lot with it over the period of a few days. It’s embarassing to admit that the final solution was really quite simple: when loading a plugin, I override the wmode parameter to force all Flash plugins to be loaded as windowless.

There were several other complex issues I had to contend with as well such as the throttling of certain messages, the timing of the peek/translate/dispatch cycle, and destruction order but I think the majority of the implementation is there. It’s still not entirely stable yet and so I’m not going to commit the new changes to the SVN just yet.

If you’re feeling curious, you can download a demo to test out the early Flash support. A few notes:

– Try to run it in windowed mode, you may need to close manually if Esc fails to work.

– F1: Print FPS to console

– F2: Navigate to Google

– F3: Toggle between forced-rendering and normal-rendering.

– Forced-rendering is useful for when the rendering freezes (it’s one of the bugs I’m working on)



  1. This changes everything. Awesomium is huge!

  2. Fantastic, great work!

  3. works a treat

  4. Excellent. I’m going to give the demo a try. Can’t wait for the SDK release.

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