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I spent a bit more time working on Flash support– after fiddling around, I realized I could hook in a ‘WebPluginDelegate’ to handle the load of a plugin and duly wrap it however I want (foregoing any muckery with the NPAPI). After a few hours, I had Flash (almost) rendering! Er, well, only the first frame of any windowless (wmode=transparent) Flash movie:

As for why it stops at the first frame, it seems almost as if the plugin’s internal message loop isn’t being processed– I think it’s trying to post messages via the WinAPI but is being negated by the fact that I’m running it all in a seperate thread from the UI and am not passing any sort of HWND to the plugin. Oh well, it’s gonna take a bit more hacking to get this implemented. šŸ˜€



  1. Oh, very cool – great work you are doing, I am following with great interest šŸ™‚

  2. I think WebRenderer is in the same situation when it uses the FF2 engine for offscreen, in-memory, rendering. So not bad at all. šŸ™‚

  3. Mini-update:

    W00t! I’ve got windowless Flash content rendering and animating! User input also sorta works– I’m still having a timing issue with some of the mouse events but I think I can solve it.

    Now for the hard part: getting windowed Flash content rendering. I think I’ll try to create an off-screen dummy window, capture the WM_PAINT event, and try to inject input arbitrarily.

  4. Very cool. I am looking forward for the test drive with flash working.

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