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In an attempt to better organize discussion of Awesomium (replying to comments just isn’t cutting it), I’ve started a discussion group over at Google Groups. I normally would set up a big forum and wiki on my own webspace but users have been having trouble with e-mail confirmations (apparently my server resides in a blacklisted IP block).

Also, I’ve started using the issue tracker on the Google Code project page to coordinate and record issues/bugs/enhancements. If you spot a bug or simply want to make a suggestion about Awesomium, please feel free to add it to the issue tracker if it doesn’t already exist.

As for the future of Awesomium, there are several things I’m currently working on and hoping to get implemented. Support for true transparent backgrounds is one that tops my list as there is significant demand for such a feature. I haven’t had much luck getting this implemented natively and so I may end up altering the Chromium source– we’ll see how my hacking attempts go.

Another big thing I’ve been hearing requests for lately is support for Flash and other plugins. There’s several problems right now getting the Flash plugin to work: it requires a window handle (we have none), it renders directly to the window, and it isn’t painted with the WebView when invoking an offscreen paint. Nevertheless, I’ve got an idea: attempt to force the Flash plugin to always initialize in windowless mode (thereby it doesn’t require a window handle) and then intercept whenever it paints offscreen to its HDC (requires modification to Chromium). I’m still a noob at the NPAPI however and so to hone my skills, I’m currently working on creating a standalone plugin execution sandbox (so I can embed plugins like Flash without a browser).



  1. Too bad Hikari seems to suffering a little bit under this new project of yours … 😉

  2. @noyes

    Admittedly I have been prioritizing this project over Hikari; the latter is pretty stable right now and there aren’t any compelling issues/features I wish to add to it right now. Certainly I’d like to do more with it such as make it cross-platform and resolve the internal memory leaks however both of these issues are limited/caused by the ActiveX dependency.

    Still, that’s not to say my work on Awesomium doesn’t directly benefit Hikari. Do you see this line: “I’m currently working on creating a standalone plugin execution sandbox (so I can embed plugins like Flash without a browser”. If that mini-project succeeds, it will be the new (possibly cross-platform) back-end for Hikari. 😛

  3. Sorry for hijacking this blog entry any further, but if I please could direct you to the Hikari forum where I talked about an issue I’d really like to see implemented. (To be specific, I mean setPosition()/getPosition() methods for the FlashControl class.)
    BTW, if you think this request doesn’t belong here, I wouldn’t mind if you delete it!

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